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Notice: This archive is NOT a part of Learning Magic, Inc. or its website. It’s a sort of museum for the free Goodies that were once available from the L.M. site. As such, I have used the descriptions as originally written by Byron Wilkes for the Learning Magic, Inc. website.

All the activities in the Goodies Archive and the text descriptions of each are copyrighted to Learning Magic, Inc. You are free to download and use these Goodies as before, but leave the credits page intact in each activity.

On the Learning Magic site, the terms of use required that you not copy and distribute the Goodies, but instead direct people to the Learning Magic web site to download them. That option is no longer possible.

I believe we included that requirement with the hope that site visitors would also find and purchase our commercial products. Those products are no longer for sale anywhere, so far as I know.

ImageĀ©2012 Ann Brundige Skakespeare original edition published 1623
Respect The Copyright

Therefore, I think it’s acceptable now to share copies of individual Goodies you download from this archive. However, to honor the original copyright, please do not make collections of the downloaded Goodies to sell or distribute, nor post them on other web sites.

Feel free to add a link to the Goodies Archive so that others can download the activities. You may also modify any of the Goodies and share them or post the modified activities on other sites.

According to the original terms of use, modified activities must include a statement that your post is based on (Name of the original activity) copyrighted to Learning Magic, Inc.