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Welcome to the Goodies Archive!

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Well Worth Saving!

Remember Learning Magic?

My name is Ann Brundige, and I am one of the two co-founders of Learning Magic, Inc.® The mission of the company was to put the magic back into the learning experience for all students.

I was sorry to see it come to an end in December, 2012 because Byron Wilkes and I developed some wonderful educational software together. Now even the website is gone.

Save The Goodies!

A special feature of the Learning Magic site was the Goodies section, an extensive collection of free downloadable activities, mostly for IntelliTools Classroom Suite® but also some for Clicker 5® and My Own Bookshelf®. I was sad to think that such a valuable resource as the Goodies collection would disappear, so I’ve set up this archive to preserve it.

Locating Goodies To Download

Use the links under Activities in the sidebar to bring up lists of activities sorted by subject, level, or application. In the lists, read a short description of each activity. Then click the activity title to go to the main page for more information and the download link. You can also type keywords in the Search bar to look for activities.

For Lots More Free Activities

Enjoy these classic activities, then go to my main website for much, much more. Visit Annie’s Resource Attic for free activities in a wide array of formats, photo collections, clip art, sound effects, and tips. See you in the Attic!