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Back To School Is Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

Back To School Easy Writing Page Summer is winding down, and it’s time to think about school. For the younger students, this Easy Writing activity may help them make the transition. Students can write about riding the bus, meeting the teacher, carrying a lunchbox, reading new books, getting those lovely new sharp unbroken crayons, and […]

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Independence Day Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

This Easy Writing activity is entitled “Independence Day Is”. Pictures and sentence endings to the “Independence Day Is” sentence starter include: “The fourth of July”, “celebrating America’s Freedoms”, “watching fireworks”, “family picnics”, “watching the parade”, “red, white and blue hats” and “waving sparklers”

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A Picnic Is Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

Students can write about a picnic in this Easy Writing activity. The sentence starts with “A picnic is” and the available sentence endings include: sunny weather, cooking outdoors, hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks, watermelon, keeping cool, flying a kite, playing horseshoes, and (inevitably) ants.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

This activity provides children with the “beginning sentence” of “Saint Patrick’s Day is” followed by seven Irish symbols of the holiday which, when clicked, complete the sentence with endings such as leprechauns, dancing the Irish jig, looking for pots of gold etc.

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Winter Is #3 Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

This errorless writing activity provides children with seven sentence enders about what winter is, including but not limited to: building a snowman, scraping the ice off the windshield, having frozen breath, and bundling up against the cold weather. Images of the various winter characteristics are provided within each sentence.

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