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Haunted House Visit  (click title for download page)

The “Haunted House Visit” activity was created in IntelliPics Studio ® and is a simple activity with switch access built in.

The child is presented with a picture of a dilapidated house (Haunted House) and is asked if they can help find out who lives in the house. A click on any one of the seven windows or doors will provide a glimpse inside the house. Each window or door has an appropriate Halloween based character or characters behind it. Sound effects and IntelliMation accompany the characters.

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Halloween Puzzle  (click title for download page)

This Halloween based puzzle is created in the Learning Magic three piece puzzle template. In this puzzle Ann has created a Halloween scene wherein the child is provided with the reward of a partially exposed picture and Halloween related sound effect for each time they click.

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Halloween Night In The News  (click title for download page)

It’s Halloween Night and you have to report upon the happenings of the evening in your local newspaper. We have provided you with two background pictures, a 1850s graveyard and a dilapidated house to use. Then we have provided a series of appropriate clip art including, bats, dracula, witches, ghosts, a skeleton, a werewolf and frankenstein to create your initial scene. Your kids can of course animate their story and then take a photo of their creation as an automatic insert into the newspaper. They then can title the article, provide their name as a reporter and write about the happenings on Halloween night.

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Independence Day Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

This Easy Writing activity is entitled “Independence Day Is”. Pictures and sentence endings to the “Independence Day Is” sentence starter include: “The fourth of July”, “celebrating America’s Freedoms”, “watching fireworks”, “family picnics”, “watching the parade”, “red, white and blue hats” and “waving sparklers”

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Fireworks Puzzle  (click title for download page)

Fireworks Puzzle This activity is a puzzle similar to the US Puzzle that ships with IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, but with three pieces instead of nine. Each click removes a puzzle piece until the final surprise. In this case, the fourth click sets off a Fourth of July fireworks display, complete with whooshes, bangs, and cheers. […]

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