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Baking Bread  (click title for download page)

This reading activity introduces students to an old-fashioned skill, breadmaking. Movies and animation combine with the photos and narrative to create a real life experience.

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Bread Recipe  (click title for download page)

In this sequencing activity, students are challenged to arrange sentences presented in random order from a toolbar to form the correct sequence of steps for making bread.

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The Swimming Hole  (click title for download page)

This original story is presented as a book with a cover and a single page of text. After the story is read, the child is then presented with five separate questions to test the child’s comprehension of the story. Questions not only test recall of the text but also inferred meaning within the story.

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Grocery Shopping  (click title for download page)

The introduction to this two part activity, written in IntelliPics Studio 3®, tells the story of Sharon who has found a note from her mother along with sixty dollars in cash. The note asks Sharon to go to the grocery store to purchase nine items. The second part of the activity was developed in IntelliTalk 3® and provides nine purchase scenarios where Sharon has to get the correct change back in the fewest number of bills and coins as she purchases each item.

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A Picnic Is Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

Students can write about a picnic in this Easy Writing activity. The sentence starts with “A picnic is” and the available sentence endings include: sunny weather, cooking outdoors, hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks, watermelon, keeping cool, flying a kite, playing horseshoes, and (inevitably) ants.

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