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A Stormy Day  (click title for download page)

In this activity children are presented with five pictures/movies of a stormy day as seen through window panes, by opening the window slightly, by opening the window further or going outside, and then watching as the storm passes and rainbows appear. The book can be used in many ways to stimulate children to write about what they see, hear, feel about what they are observing.

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Can You Name This Bird?  (click title for download page)

This activity provides a look at ten unique birds, both in the form of close-up photos and as a brief description each one. The text provides one or two facts about each bird and in some cases “word rhymes” were used to try to fix the name of the bird in the child’s mind (i.e. people might “gawk” at the “auk”.)

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If I Had To Name This Animal…  (click title for download page)

In this activity the children are told that we don’t know the names of the animals presented on the pages. They are asked to make up a name for each animal and give the reasons why they are naming it.

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The Migration  (click title for download page)

In this activity, the frame animation eagle from the IntelliPics Studio 3® Picture Library was used as the moving object on the screen. The goal of the activity was to provide a basis for children to write about both migration as it applies to animal movement and also to provide a basis for describing the landscape and mountains the eagle was flying by on its trip northward.

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Who Has Antlers  (click title for download page)

In Who Has Antlers children are asked whether moose, elk, wolves and/or caribou have antlers. Each animal is shown in a high quality photo. After each observing the picture, the child turns the page and is provided with the correct response to the question. The visual content of the book is appropriate for students in the third grade and beyond. But this book is written at the “Easy Level” for emergent readers and is automatically read to the student (whether using a mouse, switch, AAC or IntelliKeys to turn the pages).

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