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Nice to meet you!

I designed this Archive to save the free Goodies activities that formerly were available on the Learning Magic, Inc.® web site. I’m Ann Brundige, and the Goodies Archive is one of several resources linked to my main site, Annie’s Resource Attic.

Ancient History

I grew up in Texas, and currently I’m fortunate to live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Utah. My formal education includes a Master’s degree in Microbiology and I’ve worked as a research scientist, but my insatiable curiosity has led me to an eclectic range of studies, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to astronomy. Once I saw the educational potential of multimedia, I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back.

For over twenty-five years now, I’ve developed unique educational materials using the technology of multimedia and had a wonderful time doing it! A long-time HyperStudio® trainer and author, I’ve worked extensively with IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, Clicker 5®, and My Own Bookshelf®. After that, I was a founder, along with Byron Wilkes, of Learning Magic, Inc. in 2005.

In Case You Have Wondered…

I’m very proud of the software I helped to develop in my time with Learning Magic. But by 2008, it was beginning to go in directions that made me uncomfortable. One factor is that I felt that quality was beginning to erode under the pressure of what would sell, and of churning out projects rapidly.

Why Annie’s Resource Attic?

I left in the early part of 2008 to launch Annie’s Resource Attic, a springboard from which I could distribute FREE activities, tips, photo collections, and other resources. Unconstrained by commercial considerations, I can take the time to develop materials of exceptional quality. Anything I develop is accessible to students regardless of which software they might have, because each activity set is offered in the maximum number of formats, including online books and puzzles.

Where Did The LM Website Go?

If you’ve tried to go to recently, you know that the website is gone. It’s possible that someone else has bought the domain name, and I actually got a warning about the present site on my browser. Either it’s now a limited access site, or it may be a trap of some kind using the previous site’s popularity to draw people in.

When Byron decided to end Learning Magic, he naturally also decided to shut down the website. It takes a lot of time and money to keep a site like that going! But he invited people to download as many free activities as possible before the site closed. Since I have the server space to do so, I decided to step in and continue to host the Goodies, and to write a new interface to make them easy to find and download.

Come visit the Attic!

I’d like to invite anyone who uses the Goodies Archive to also visit Annie’s Resource Attic. You’ll be glad you did! –Annie