Download Free Activities

These free activities are basically presented “as is”. Since they are still copyrighted to Learning Magic, Inc., I won’t be changing them up at all. I’m just providing a new interface so you can access the files from the original collection. I’ve used the original descriptions from the L.M. web site for accuracy and to make the interface familiar to people who used it in the past. Of course, you are free to adapt any of these activities for your own use.

If you have problems, the first and best source of help is the reference manual for each application. None of these activities is locked, so feel free to dig under the surface and see how they work. Besides solving your problems, you’ll learn all kinds of new tricks this way.

ImageĀ©2004 Ann Brundige The Hand
Need A Helping Hand?

Click here to go to the Help page for Annie’s Resource Attic. I’ve put together tips on how to install and use activities of each application type. On the same page are links to tech support for the parent companies of each application. If you take this detour to Annie’s Resource Attic, look in the sidebar for a link back to the Goodies Archive.

The Goodies Archive currently contains about half the free Goodies that you used to download from Learning Magic, Inc., but have actually been hosted – and still are – on my own server.

Hopefully, I will gradually add the other half, which then would be everything in the Goodies section up until I left in 2008. I don’t have any of the Goodies posted after spring of 2008, but would be glad to add later Goodies if anyone has copies to share.