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Haunted House Visit  (click title for download page)

The “Haunted House Visit” activity was created in IntelliPics Studio ® and is a simple activity with switch access built in.

The child is presented with a picture of a dilapidated house (Haunted House) and is asked if they can help find out who lives in the house. A click on any one of the seven windows or doors will provide a glimpse inside the house. Each window or door has an appropriate Halloween based character or characters behind it. Sound effects and IntelliMation accompany the characters.

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Halloween Puzzle  (click title for download page)

This Halloween based puzzle is created in the Learning Magic three piece puzzle template. In this puzzle Ann has created a Halloween scene wherein the child is provided with the reward of a partially exposed picture and Halloween related sound effect for each time they click.

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Fireworks Puzzle  (click title for download page)

Fireworks Puzzle This activity is a puzzle similar to the US Puzzle that ships with IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, but with three pieces instead of nine. Each click removes a puzzle piece until the final surprise. In this case, the fourth click sets off a Fourth of July fireworks display, complete with whooshes, bangs, and cheers. […]

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Which Two Button No Advance  (click title for download page)

There is a text box on each page with a question beginning with “which”. The question is read out to the student, and the student has a choice of two pictures to click on in order to answer the question. The pictures consist of pairs of familiar objects, such as a table and a desk, and the exercise tests if the student can distinguish which one the question is asking about.

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Prepositions Two Button Adv R  (click title for download page)

On each page of this activity, students hear a recorded question asking them which of two prepositions apply to a situation. Pictures and in some cases IntelliMations® illustrate the preposition, and the student clicks one of two buttons to indicate the correct answer. This activity advances after each answer.

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