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Baking Bread  (click title for download page)

This reading activity introduces students to an old-fashioned skill, breadmaking. Movies and animation combine with the photos and narrative to create a real life experience.

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Bread Recipe  (click title for download page)

In this sequencing activity, students are challenged to arrange sentences presented in random order from a toolbar to form the correct sequence of steps for making bread.

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Parts of Skateboarding  (click title for download page)

After an introductory video, the child will be presented with a picture of the skate park and its various components. By moving a skateboard graphic to different components of the park, the child will move to a page with a closeup picture of that part of the park. The page also has a text box in which the child can write about parts of the park or about tricks that can be done with each part.

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Musical Instruments  (click title for download page)

Given the cut back on musical programs in lots of schools, we thought we would provide children with a picture and a short video of six instruments and let them research and write, potentially about the various instruments, their origins, the way they are played (bow, fingers, hammers/mallets etc) and the various sounds they make.

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Marine Mammals  (click title for download page)

Marine Mammals is built upon the IntelliPics Studio 3® Easy Storybook template. In this activity we provide children with close up photos of six marine mammals, along with short videos of each of the animals in the water. The template then provides the children with the opportunity to write about what they have observed.

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