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Vehicle Addition to 6  (click title for download page)

ehicle Addition to 6 is based upon the NEW Learning Magic addition template which not only tracks the correct number of objects in the counting boxes but also checks to make sure that the objects in the counting boxes are the correct objects based upon the text box scenario. In this example, the text states that four jeeps and two corvettes are available for sale at an audition. The child first is instructed to place four jeeps in the left counting box, then two corvettes in the middle counting box. After that they are to place the total number of vehicles in the right-most counting box using the correct objects and finally to write the equation below.

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Haunted House Visit  (click title for download page)

The “Haunted House Visit” activity was created in IntelliPics Studio ® and is a simple activity with switch access built in.

The child is presented with a picture of a dilapidated house (Haunted House) and is asked if they can help find out who lives in the house. A click on any one of the seven windows or doors will provide a glimpse inside the house. Each window or door has an appropriate Halloween based character or characters behind it. Sound effects and IntelliMation accompany the characters.

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Halloween Subtraction To 9  (click title for download page)

Halloween Subtraction to 9 is based upon the NEW Learning Magic “Subtraction Plus” template. In this template we not only track the correct mathematical calculation but also track and check that the correct objects (i.e. children dressed as ghosts and or witches) are put into the counting boxes as described in the text box above. The eight problems deal with children in various situations as they trick-or-treat on Halloween evening.

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Wizard/Princess Addition to Six  (click title for download page)

This activity uses the basic Addition template that is in the IntelliTools Classroom Suite math templates folder. In this activity the child is presented with ten addition questions regarding wizards and princesses that meet in the forest. A forest background is also provided as a backdrop to the addition problems.

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Explore in the Sky  (click title for download page)

We have provided six background images of the sky including various sunsets, cloud formations and lunar pictures. We also have provided a series of things that you will find in the sky including bats and blimps. The child can then explore their colors, sizes, numbers and movements using the background pictures and images provided.

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