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Beach Addition to Nine  (click title for download page)

In this activity the child is presented with ten addition questions regarding crabs and starfish that meet at the beach. An ocean shore background is also provided as a backdrop to the addition problems.

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Back To School Is Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

Back To School Easy Writing Page Summer is winding down, and it’s time to think about school. For the younger students, this Easy Writing activity may help them make the transition. Students can write about riding the bus, meeting the teacher, carrying a lunchbox, reading new books, getting those lovely new sharp unbroken crayons, and […]

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Musical Instruments  (click title for download page)

Given the cut back on musical programs in lots of schools, we thought we would provide children with a picture and a short video of six instruments and let them research and write, potentially about the various instruments, their origins, the way they are played (bow, fingers, hammers/mallets etc) and the various sounds they make.

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Monsters Under My Bed  (click title for download page)

“Monsters Under My Bed” is an original poem/book developed in the Learning Magic Electronic Storybook template. The poem was written by Byron and the artwork/illustration was done by Ann.

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Where Does Sadie Sleep?  (click title for download page)

Where Does Sadie Sleep?” is a nine page book that explores where Sadie (Byron’s 19 year black tabby) sleeps during the day. The pages have photos on each page along with a simple sentence explaining where Sadie is sleeping. Kids in preschool and K-2 will enjoy this little book.

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