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Image©2005 Ann Brundige Screenshot from Bread Recipe sequencing activity.
Bread Recipe Sequencing

This sequencing activity is based upon the IntelliTools Fairy Tales template, which was developed in IntelliTalk 3®. Students are challenged to arrange sentences presented in random order from a toolbar to form the correct sequence of steps for making bread.

If you are not sure of the correct sequential steps in the recipe, you can control+click on each answer field to see the correct sequence of steps.

Alternately, read the narrative and watch a baker in action to learn the correct steps. Check out Baking Bread, also in the Goodies library.

Applications needed: IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, IntelliTools Classroom Suite Player®, or IntelliTalk 3®.
Curriculum area: Language Arts and Life Skills.
Level: Grades 3-5, Middle school, High school.

Download activity here: (3.3 MB)

April 17th, 2014 at 10:02 pm

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