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Dinosaurs Easy Writing  (click title for download page)

This easy errorless writing activity provides children with seven sentences about dinosaurs and identifies individual animals that were considered dinosaurs including stegosaurus, macroplata, tyrannosaurus rex and more.

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Water  (click title for download page)

A multi-activity unit about the four steps of the water cycle (evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation) and the various accumulations of water as it exists on earth.

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Spiders – Webmasters  (click title for download page)

The activity provides details on what constitutes a spider and how they vary from insects

It also discusses unique characteristics and habits of various spiders in regards to webs, habitats and hunting.

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Snails And Slugs  (click title for download page)

This activity provides information on land snails and slugs and looks at the unique characteristics of these gastropods.

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Dragonflies and Damselflies  (click title for download page)

This activity explores Dragonflies and Damselflies as unique water loving insects.

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