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Image©2005 Ann Brundige Screenshot of a stream in the Water activity.
A Flowing Stream

The primary activity “WATER” is written in IntelliPics Studio 3®, and was developed with three specific goals in mind. First we wanted to build an activity that encompassed both the four steps of the water cycle (evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation) and then secondly explore water as it exists on earth. This leads us into multiple land forms ranging from very small brooks and creeks to oceans. We review and discuss various accumulations of water as well as various runoff systems.

The second goal was to provide a basis for building an extensive vocabulary as it pertained to these two subjects. Over 65 words or terms relating to “water” are introduced and explained. Each word is highlighted in a different color than the rest of the text and is underlined.

The third goal, was to provide a contextual basis for kids to read about the subject. As a result the initial portion of the activity is very “text” based. As we move through the activity more and more pictures and short videos are introduced. In total there are approximately a dozen short movies and an equal number of photos used to show and compare various elements of the water cycle and land forms.

The initial activity is 26 pages in length (with talking text boxes if needed), and at the end of the activity there is an IntelliTalk 3® review with student self check work built in, and also an IntelliPics Studio 3® Water Cycle Template (also self checking) that can be assigned to the student to check comprehension. The 65 highlighted words can also act as a basis for other off computer activities and discussion.

The activity’s vocabulary and subject matter is appropriate for 4th through 6th grade readers. Additionally there is a Review activity developed in IntelliTalk 3 and a Water Diagram Review that is taken from the IntelliPics Studio 3® Diagramming section. These provide for additional review and comprehension assessment after the child has completed reading and reviewing the core activity.

Applications needed: IntelliTools Classroom Suite ®, IntelliTools Classroom Suite Player®, or IntelliPics Studio 3® and IntelliTalk 3®.
Curriculum area: Science.
Level: Grades 3-5 and Middle/High School.

Download activity here: (45.5 MB)

April 26th, 2013 at 11:39 pm

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