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Image©2005 Ann Brundige Screenshot from the IPS3 chocolate activity
Pouring Chocolate

This unit on Chocolate is actually five activities in one. The main unit on Chocolate is developed in IntelliPics Studio 3® and recounts the history of chocolate from the days of the Mayans through its discovery and transport to Europe by Hernando Cortez.

Secondly the unit explores the cultivation and processes inherent in the production of chocolate today. The activity traces the cacao beans from the rainforests along the equator through harvesting and fermentation to the chocolate factory and the refinement processes there.

Subsequent to working through the initial unit there are four activities for children to participate in. The first is a review written in IntelliTalk 3® which tests their comprehension.

A second activity using the IntelliTalk 3® Fairy Tales template provides a sequencing activity which requires the student to put the production steps of chocolate in order (from the field to the finished product) and secondly to use the word banks provided to write about chocolate.

A third activity takes the children to a chocolate stand in the mall, where the IntelliMathics 3® Reducing Fractions template is used to track their purchases.

The fourth and last activity utilizes the IntelliMathics 3® Data Analysis template to track two class surveys on chocolate preferences and allows children to work with grids and fraction bars.

Applications needed: IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, IntelliTools Classroom Suite Player® or IntelliPics Studio 3®, IntelliMathics 3® and IntelliTalk 3®.
Curriculum area: History, Science, Math, Language Arts.
Level: Grades 3-5 and Middle/High School.

Download activity here: (17.1 MB)

April 20th, 2013 at 9:28 pm

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