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Image©2005 Ann Brundige Screenshot of cover from Hannibal activity.
Cover Of Hannibal Book

The activity “Hannibal” was developed using the Learning Magic Text and Graphics Click to Read TGCR template. In this template, the child is presented with a graphic and a text box with one to three paragraphs of information regarding the subject, and that page is then followed by a page with a multiple choice question to ascertain the student’s comprehension of the previously read materials. The child has the ability to go back and re-read the section if desired. Also a child needing extra support can click on the text box and the text will be read aloud to him or her. Behind the scenes we are capturing all their responses and automatically generating a graded report through the IntelliPics Studio 3® portfolio management and reporting system.

n 300 B.C. two major empires emerged in Europe and Northern Africa. They were the empires of Rome and Carthage. At this point in time the Romans were a hundred years before their glory years and Carthage was viewed by many as the most advanced empire in the world. The Romans however decided to try to expand their empire by taking Sicily from the Carthagininas. This began the start a series of Wars between the two empires that are remembered as the Punic Wars.

The most notable character to come out of that war was Hannibal, the son of a famous Carthaginian general, Hamilcar Barca. At his death, Hamilcar swore his son to a lifetime fight against the Romans and Hannibal did not let his father down.

Image©2005 Ann Brundige Screenshot from Hannibal activity.
Hannibal's Army Crossing The Alps

In “Hannibal” the child will learn about Carthage and Rome, Hannibal’s tremendous trip over the Alps on elephants, and his continual battles with the Romans for the next fifteen years on the Iberian peninsula. They will also learn of Rome’s expansion and the eventual recall of Hannibal by the Carthaginians to defend Carthage.

They will learn about the battle of Zama, and the tactics used by the Romans to defeat Hannibal and his elephants, and finally they will learn about Hannibal’s final days as he continued to battle the Romans up until his demise. The activity is written at a third grade reading level and is appropriate for all children who would be fascinated by this famous historical character.

The activity can be run on the IntelliTools Classroom Suite Player. But IntelliPics Studio 3® is needed to perform data capture, automatic grading and portfolio management, as well as any editing or changes to the activity itself.

Applications needed: IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, IntelliTools Classroom Suite Player®, or IntelliPics Studio 3®.
Curriculum area: Language Arts and History.
Level: Grades 3-5.

Download activity here: (988KB)

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