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Water  (click title for download page)

A multi-activity unit about the four steps of the water cycle (evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation) and the various accumulations of water as it exists on earth.

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Valley Produce Fractions  (click title for download page)

There are a total of six fraction problems included in this activity presented in a story book form.They involve the work day for the produce workers, packaging and shipment to market on the farmer’s trucks.

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Fruit Stand Fractions  (click title for download page)

This activity revolves around the activities of a fruit stand and the various customers that come in each hour. A total of eight fraction problems are provided.

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Iris Farm Fractions  (click title for download page)

The activity includes ten fraction problems that are presented in a story line manner based upon observations of the iris fields and the irises themselves.

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Chocolate  (click title for download page)

This unit on Chocolate is actually five activities in one. The main activity covers the history, cultivation, and the process of producing chocolate. Other activities include a comprehension review, a sequencing exercise, a fractions activity, and one on data reduction.

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